ref tasks#

A ref task is essentially a call to another task. It is the default task type within a sequence task, but is not often used otherwise.

A ref task can set environment variables, and pass arguments to the referenced task as follows:

do_things.cmd = "do_cmd"
do_things.args = [{ name = "things", multiple = true, positional = true }]

do_specific_things.ref = "do_things thing1 thing2"
do_specific_things.env = { URGENCY = "11" }

In the above example calling:

poe do_specific_things

would be equivalent to executing the following in the shell:

URGENCY=11 do_cmd thing1 thing2

Available task options#

ref tasks support all of the standard task options with the exception of use_exec.

Passing arguments#

By default any arguments passed to a ref task will be forwarded to the referenced task, allowing it to function as a task alias. If named arguments are configured for the ref task then additional arguments can still be passed to the referenced task after -- on the command line.