Environment variables#

Internal Environment variables#

The following environment variables are used by Poe the Poet internally, and can be accessed from within configuration and tasks.

  • POE_ROOT: path to the parent directory of the main tasks file (e.g. pyproject.toml).

  • POE_PWD: the current working directory of the poe process (unless overridden programmatically).

  • POE_CONF_DIR: the path to the parent directory of the config file that defines the running task or the cwd option set when including that config.

  • POE_ACTIVE: identifies the active PoeExecutor, so that Poe the Poet can tell when it is running recursively.

Special variables#

The following variables are not set on the environment by default but can be referenced from task configuration as if they were.

  • POE_GIT_DIR: path of the git repo that the project is part of. This allows a project in a subdirectory of a monorepo to reference includes or envfiles relative to the root of the git repo. Note that referencing this variable causes poe to attempt to call the git executable which must be available on the path.

  • POE_GIT_ROOT: just like POE_GIT_DIR except that if the project is in a git submodule, then the path will point to the working directory of the main repo above it.

External Environment variables#

The following environment variables can be set to modify Poe the Poet’s behavior.

  • POE_PROJECT_DIR: used as the default value for the --directory global argument.

  • NO_COLOR: disables ansi colors in output (unless the –ansi argument is provided).

  • POE_DEBUG: can be set to 1 to enable printing debug messages to stdout.